Educator's tips and tools for distance learning

The organization of your online learning can be easy and convenient if you use several familiar tools to help you with daily classes.
In this blog post, we want to consider other ways of distance learning using social networks.
Stay in touch
It is helpful to create a community on Facebook or group chat on any instant messenger to share information with students

Let's be honest: everyone loves social media. Today it's impossible that your students don't use instant messengers. Secondly, the speed you will receive feedback through messengers is much faster than via email or learning portals.

Instant messengers also allow you to send learning materials — ebooks, infographics, pictures or videos. If the student has questions, they will always be able to get a quick answer from you and start their classwork or homework faster.

Communities in social networks unite people, allowing you to exchange opinions and impressions about the subject you are studying. Students can support and help each other in case of learning problems. This facilitates open communication. This allows teachers to always stay up to date with the current status of the classwork and homework.

Possible tools to use:
Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Snapchat
Keep visual contact
We suggest trying regular video calls so your students can feel connected

Live communication is very important. Students see their teacher and each other, and can better perceive the material for classes. In addition, the opportunity to see each other on video serves as good support and motivation for learning.

Services can work on a PC, smartphones, and tablets, which allows students to participate in a lesson from any available devices.

Possible tools
: Skype, Zoom, GoogleHangouts
Track progress
Engage myQuiz to check students' understanding and retention

myQuiz education quiz platform can be used with any other learning tool. You can invite students to participate in a quiz through communities or during a video call. Discuss questions and the right answers right during the broadcast.

Host a quiz before the lesson to check on past material retention and to do a warm-up with students before learning a new topic. Also after the lesson, to consolidate the knowledge gained a quiz is a great idea.

You can host a quiz in live mode or on schedule. Complete questions with images or videos for better perception. And also add clarifications to the correct answers to help students better understand and retain the material presented.

Using interactive social media channels will help you maintain a balance between fun communication and classwork on curricular topics. This approach can simplify the process of organizing distance learning for teachers and students.

Learn more about myQuiz's features for distance learning and try it for free now!