Play While You Wait
How can you amuse your clients while they wait?
In this article, we will tell you how a swimming school keeps waiting students and parents entertained.
Amy, from 757Swim in Williamsburg, VA, came up with a cool idea to entertain young swimmers and their parents. While parents and kids wait in their cars for classes, they all play a live trivia quiz using their cell phones. Each quiz winner gets a gift certificate.
"Everything worked perfectly. One of the reasons we went with myQuiz over others is the ready-made quizzes and easy to use interface."
Amy says.
If you want to stand out from your competitors, then offer your customers pleasant supplements in addition to basic services. This marketing ploy requires almost no human resources, since you can create a quiz in just a few minutes, and launch it automatically.

Here some of the things you can do with myQuiz:
Inform your visitors about new services in a form of a question (e.g. When should a child start swimming lessons?);
Add information blocks below or between questions for advertisement (e.g. individual trainings, summer camp);
Encourage players to share their wins on social media, creating a viral effect;
Offer your business partners to place their ads within the quizzes or any question can be sponsored by your partner.
Furthermore, quizzes are a great way to retain old clients. In fact, business prospers if it places a bigger emphasis on customer retainment than acquisition.

With customizable and ready-to-use quizzes, myQuiz is the perfect tool to engage and entertain your audience at any event! It can be either a huge event for thousands of people at a stadium or a small competition among your clients in an office.
Please inquire about myQuiz event packages to run your first branded trivia game. You can also schedule a demo and speak with a live representative.

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