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While the COVID-19 pandemic impacts all, businesses have no choice but to embrace the Work-From-Home (WFH) or remote lifestyle. HR departments need to come up with creative employee engagement ideas for remote workers.

During these difficult times, it's more important than ever to work on raising morale, and companies with little to no experience in managing a remote team are really feeling the heat. HR departments need to come up with creative employee engagement ideas if they want their internal communications to be successful. Your employee engagement ideas for remote workers don't have to be boring or limited to work. Give your teams a chance to unwind and relax by inviting them to a multiplayer game.
That's exactly how Veeam Software handled this.
Veeam's HR department was planning a joint Christmas party for the BACH (Benelux, Austria & Switzerland) region. As Veeam is famous for its great marketing and HR events hosted all over the Globe, the pandemic was no excuse for skipping the most important employee party of the year.

Firstly, the HRs started to look for a solution to go online. This solution had to be:

  • Fun & Interactive
  • Easy to use
  • Able to support many participants simultaneously
  • Not costing a fortune
  • Allowing the company to highlight its corporate culture through branding
HR-managers chose myQuiz, because it met all the criteria. Plus, Veeam had already hosted several quizzes for its clients via myQuiz, and was satisfied with the result.

For the Veeam Christmas Party, the myQuiz team took care of all the organizational aspects: from the initial planning, to customization, branding, writing fun multiple choice questions, providing a professional host and technical support throughout the entire event.

The atmosphere during the quiz was filled with engagement and excitement, as the participants could communicate with each other through a live chat and were competing for valuable prizes. Many of them noted that for a moment they even forgot the party was virtual. So, the goal of the event was achieved!
And that's not all our platform offers.
With myQuiz you can:
    • Combine the participants into teams via TeamTrivia Mode
    • Show the leaderboard on a Huge Screen if your quiz is offline
    • Stream you event on YouTube or integrate other video services
    • Let the participants join from their smartphones with nothing to download (as myQuiz is a cloud-based platform, you just need to follow a link to start playing) etc.
    Watch how Veeam did it and start your own quiz!

    myQuiz is a convenient tool for HR-specialists to engage employees, raise their morale and team spirit, and keep each member of the team feeling involved.
    Please inquire about myQuiz event packages to run your first branded trivia game. You can also schedule a demo and speak with a live representative.

    Contact us at sales@myquiz.org, and we will be happy to help!

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