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Here's how to host your online corporate party with myQuiz
2020 is the best year to reinforce corporate culture via online parties! Here are some tips and tricks on how to host one.
After a long period of self-isolation, your employees are getting used to the work from home model, zoom meetings, and avoiding crowded places. Cancelling your next corporate event would look 100% normal - like cancelling concerts, sports matches, and vacations abroad. However, this isolation creates a great opportunity to make your corporate culture shine brighter.
Why are virtual corporate gatherings great?
  • Break the tediousness social isolation. Even if some employees look happy with their 'work from home' model, monotony is dangerous for their performance. Boost it!
  • Show that you care. Cheer up your employees after they have been working from home for so long, and show that everyone is on the same team.
  • Highlight your corporate culture with strong visuals. Show your branding via multimedia, branded chatrooms, gifts and gift cards.
  • And the best part? You can include every single team member at no time or cost, wherever they live.
Looks great, right? However, shifting online without any assistance (like a professional host or a technical support team) can be tricky. The event should be fun, not like one more work meeting!
Are you ready to hold the best corporate event ever?

We prepared some tips!
1. Choose a venue. A virtual one
Start beforehand, and choose a 'venue' based on how many employees you are going to invite to your virtual party. The rules are similar to offline venues: capacity and price. The platform of your choice must be resistant to high loads: let your party bring joy instead of poor quality of connection! Pay for whatever platform you like: it could be a Skype meeting, or a YouTube Live stream. Use some fast chats to organize employees (for example, a Telegram with a bot to answer frequently asked questions will do).

2. Build a team
You will need a professional team to host your event, add music to it, and make a record to share with all the guests and/or social media subscribers after the event; you also need a technical support professional to resolve problems with connection and speed. Don't underestimate a good DJ: they create live music sets according to what is happening at the 'venue' to make it even more thrilling!

3. Benefit from branding
Branding is an important part of any event, offline or virtual: specialists admit that the brand experience means more today, since companies must work harder to earn loyalty and trust in a crowded virtual event space. Brand your live video's background, and involve guests in branded activities. Create a hashtag for your event, and send your guests company-themed sweet shots and eye-catching decorations for fun branded selfies.

4. Involve your audience
Engage your departments in creation of relevant content before the event: some companies ask their employees to make videos or short presentations about their department, sometimes they ask to share photos from the office or to invent some activity/fun task for everyone to complete online. Use this content at your event to make everyone feel more curious about what other departments have prepared!

5. Think of breakout rooms
You may want to utilize separate chatrooms so everyone can share the experience, especially, if your virtual event involves more than 250 participants. You can even create some chatrooms for this purpose, and share links with everyone. However, some event organizers avoid breaking their audience in order to create a feeling that everyone is sitting together in a big room.

6. Make things interactive
Even offline events cannot engage 100% of participants, but online guests are easily distracted. Keep your audience engaged by involving them in online games. Think of games that require a smartphone or a PC - something everyone has.

7. Add a good old quiz!
Think of what you will do after your founders' speeches? Will you start playing some online games, or proceed with nostalgic photos from the office? Anyway, your guests cannot just keep drinking and watching the translation: they need something to do right now, otherwise they'll get bored. A quiz is a good and fun choice, and if you need to manage 100% of the trivia's content, including its colour, try myQuiz. The platform's capacity is up to 100K players in a single game.

Turnkey quiz-based party can save the day
Shifting online can boost your employees' feeling of unity and make everyone feel motivated, but failing your event may bring even more anxiety both to you and your people. We can help you avoid technical problems, connection problems, and and make the memorable corporate event. Our services cover all aspects of quiz-based events: from the initial planning to branding, live host, YouTube/Twitch integration and technical supervision of the event. Our host will record a branded invitation for your audience and give them this holyday vibe, and after the event, you'll get a quality video with the best parts of your event to share.

Please inquire about myQuiz event packages to run your first branded trivia game. You can also schedule a demo and speak with a live representative.

Contact us at, and we will be happy to help!

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